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January 23, 2010


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Barbara Green

I guess one of the scariest days of all was the day that she put aluminum foil in her hair thinking that it looked great! She went to school looking like that. What can we say about Elysha? She has always been very special and definitely on her own cloud - yes, that is one (only one) of the wonderful things about her. Oh, how about the day she sat for so long making an outfit out of her tee shirts - she loved it and wanted to wear it to the city to go see her grandfather who was sick in the hospital. I can't remember if we actually let her do that - you know - you never want to hurt the child's self esteem - but maybe that time we said "who cares about her self esteem?".


Maybe I`ll be Captain Obvious, but... it's only few days to New Year last, so let's be happy!


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